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introducing for the first time in The Netherlands Jamie Rae Hats Jamie Rae Flower Hats Jamie Rae Marabou Feather Hats

The One and Only World Famous JAMIE RAE HATS available at the Le Petit Tom ® Store. De babymutsjes met Zijde Bloemen en fluffy puffy Marabou Veertjes. Jamie Rae Flower Hats for baby’s.

Santa Baby Curly Baby Hat from the famous Jamie Rae Hat Designer Collection

The Cutest !

Chic, Lief, Cute, Gorgeous, meer kun je er niet van zeggen, van deze musthave babymutsjes. Ze zijn gewoon te leuk!

About Jamie Rae
Jamie Rae Hats Inc. has grown from one stay-at-home mom’s creation for her downy haired daughter to one of the leading flower baby hat companies in the world. Jamie Rae products have been on the market since 2005 and can now be found in over 10 countries. Jamie Rae Hats Inc. offers flower hats & headbands with giant fluted petals that bloom from birth on. Each flower hat & headband are handcrafted with care and made with a child’s comfort in mind. We choose the softest ribs of cotton and combine it with captivating color and beautiful embellishments! We have taken the time to manufacture the most beautiful flowers in the business.

Jamie Rae Hats Jamie Rae Flower Hat Baby Mutsjes Bloemen

… yes of course there are celeb babies spotted with the Jamie rae Flower Hats:

Tori Spelling and Husband Dean McDermott’s little baby girl Stella wears a Jamie Rae Flower Hat

Jamie Rae Rasberry SUN Hat Peony Flower and Rhinestone. Jamie Ray Baby Zonnehoed Framboos Roze met grote zijden Roze Pioen Roos en strass steen. Fits Baby 3 – 18 months


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Jamie Rae Cotton Brown with Pink Curly Marabou Hat. Jamie Ray Babymutsje tricot katoen Bruin met roze grote fluffy marabou veertjes pompom . Fits Baby 0- 18 months


Jamie Rae Cotton Cream Rose Hat. Jamie Ray Babymutsje tricot katoen Creme met grote zijden Creme kleurige Roos. Fits Baby 0- 18 months


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Jamie Rae Cotton Candy Pink Peony Hat. Jamie Ray Babymutsje tricot katoen Roze met grote zijden Roze Pioen roos. Fits Baby 0- 18 months



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