Well,well, well, Let’s Talk Fashion again…: Leopard Prints, straight from the catwalk. Now your Baby can wear these Leopard, high-end fashion shoes from ‘Old Soles’.

Well,well, well, Let’s Talk Fashion again…: Leopard Prints, straight from the catwalk. Now your Baby can wear these Leopard, high-end fashion shoes from ‘Old Soles’ . Babyschoentjes in Luipaarden print is Hot! Buy @ http://www.lepetittom.nl

Old Soles ANIMAL PRINT Leather Baby shoes. 100 % Leather. Modeschoentjes Baby en Peuter. Anti- slip Rubber Buiten Zool ( vanaf maat 19). Sizes Baby, Peuter 18 – 24. LATEST CATWALK FASHION!

2852 //

Old Soles – Fashion for Little Feet

Introduced & imported by Le Petit Tom ®                EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE AT Le Petit Tom ®
Pure comfort, Pure fashion!
Een prachtige collectie baby- en peuterschoenen van uitmuntende kwaliteit en volgens de allerlaatste catwalk mode. Die konden wij natuurlijk niet laten liggen. Deze horen in de winkel van Le Petit Tom ®.
De Old Soles schoentjes hebben een flexibele rubberen zool, zeer geschikt voor de eerste stapjes. De Old Soles babyschoentjes  hebben een strectch hiel wat aan- en uit trekken makkelijk maakt, maar de baby kan ze zelf niet uitdoen. Veilig en makkelijk voor baby’s: geen veters en strikjes. IDEALE Babyschoentjes, Peuterschoentjes en Kinderschoenen. Vanaf 9 maanden hebben de zooltjes een buitenzooltje.

100% SOFT LEATHER       –      ULTIMATE FIT           –         NON SLIP SOLES
ld soles, pure comfort, pure fashion
Soft leather
Old soles are hand crafted from 100% soft leather allowing for movement and the natural development of growing feet. It is well documented that flexible leather shoes for this stage in a baby’s life are the next best thing to bare feet. Old soles provide protection while the breathable leather lining with a padded leather insole absorbs moisture in summer and keep little feet warm in winter.
Ultimate fit
Old soles are fit tested to ensure baby’s feet are protected in pure comfort. The elastic back makes them easy to put on and difficult for baby to pull off. No ties and shoelaces ensure baby shoes are easy and safe for all.
Non slip soles
Old soles understands the need to ensure your toddlers first steps are firmly on the ground the rubber soles are non slip and provide protection outdoors (from 9 months and up). These first walkers remain flexible and soft, allowing natural freedom of movement from heel to toe.
Old Soles encourages little feet to make big impressions. All the shoes are made from 100% soft leather with a padded leather insole and elastic back for the ultimate comfort, fit and flexibility. The ‘pre-walkers’ have a leather sole, while the ‘first steps’ have a non-slip sole that ensures your toddler keeps a firm grip on the world.

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